The Liebherr SmartDeviceBox – your ticket into the world of appliance networking

From now on, you can also immediately connect your fridges and freezers to the Internet with the Liebherr SmartDeviceBox.

The SmartDevice technology is the basis for networking and integration into a smart home. The entry ticket into this interconnected world is the SmartDeviceBox, which easily connects your fridge to the Internet via WLAN. We have already enabled over 120 models for SmartDevice use and can accordingly provide a suitable appliance to meet all your requirements. Any SmartDevice-enabled appliance can be equipped with a SmartDeviceBox at any time in order to be able to use the SmartDevice services, even retrospectively.

The SmartDeviceBox features for your convenience:

The SmartDeviceBox allows you to adjust the settings on your appliance, such as the temperature, conveniently via your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. Should any irregularities nevertheless occur on your appliance, you will be informed via an alarm message – in real time directly on your smartphone or tablet. This not only saves time but also offers you the highest level of convenience and safety. You can also receive notifications via a reminder function automatically on your smartphone. So that you will never again miss a filter change or cleaning the ventilation grille.

Get your ticket into the digital world of refrigeration and freezing with your SmartDeviceBox. This is available in our Liebherr accessory shop .

With selected devices, the SmartDeviceBox is already included in the scope of delivery. You can obtain further information from our Info Centre or your Liebherr dealer.

By the way, You can recognise all SmartDevice-enabled appliances by the SmartDevice logo on the panel behind the door.

Preconditions for using the SmartDeviceBox:

  • Download of the SmartDevice app as well as a mobile device and an active internet connection SmartDevice-enabled Liebherr fridge or freezer
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • WEP, WPA, WPA2-personal
  • An account at

It’s easy to install the SmartDeviceBox:

We would be glad to assist you with step-by-step instructions during the installation of your SmartDeviceBox.SmartDeviceBox installation instructions

Planned for the future

Alongside controlling your appliance, the SmartDeviceBox will in future provide substantial additional services. Be this is in the planning of recipes or in the creation of your shopping list. With the intelligent food recognition in combination with the SmartDevice app and our fridge cameras, you will always know which foods are in your fridge. The MIA voice function creates even greater convenience. This means that you do not need to create your shopping list manually in the app but can simply add the groceries you require by voice. In addition, you can obtain all the relevant information about your groceries, such as the nutritional values or tips on storage – just ask MIA and become an expert on the storage of food.

Innovative features create new dimensions

Use the existing functions via IFTTT: The SmartDevice technology is updated regularly and receives new functions from the Microsoft cloud services. This allows digital offers and services to be implemented quickly and dynamically. Standards in data processing make SmartDevice compatible with current products from other manufacturers. This allows you to control your fridge, for example, via the “if this then that” (IFTTT) automation service.

If you are already using Alexa from Amazon at home, then you can control your appliance simply and easily via the Alexa voice function. Alexa will inform you immediately about any alarm messages or remind you of the next cleaning.

The date from which IFTTT and Alexa will be available for your SmartDeviceBox will appear here in the near future or simply subscribe to our newsletter.

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Here’s how to install your SmartDeviceBox

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