Everything at a glance: With the SmartDevice app

Now you can control your fridge conveniently and easily via the SmartDevice app from Liebherr. This allows you to change the temperature of your appliance from anywhere quickly and easily or to monitor all alerts and notifications at a glance. Consequently, you will immediately know if the door is left open accidentally or you will be reminded automatically when the next filter change is due. Accessories for your fridge or freezer are available from our shop. Visit our website or subscribe to our FreshMAG newsletter to find out when you will be able to enjoy the benefits of our innovative SmartDevice services: https://blog.liebherr.com/appliances/com/newsletter/

Everything at a glance in a single app – the Liebherr SmartDevice app

But that’s not all: In addition to the features for controlling the appliance and the alerts, the SmartDevice app also provides you with even more convenience in terms of food management. In conjunction with the fridge camera, you always know what food is in the fridge and can get great recipe ideas, for example, directly from the Liebherr FreshMAG magazine. And if any ingredients for the recipe are still missing – no problem. Everything that you do not already have can be put on the shopping list via the app or MIA, simply using the voice function. In the future, a food delivery service will then conveniently bring your shopping directly to your home. So that nothing can prevent your favourite meal being prepared. Even here there are no limits to the options available: In future, links to other recipe providers or delivery services will also be possible.

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The app is available for the iOS and Android operating systems and allows you to access your current stock list from anywhere and at any time. All the features are clearly arranged and their operation is intuitive and extremely easy.

Enjoy even more convenience and flexibility – with the SmartDevice app you can keep an eye on everything.

Download the SmartDevice app now: https://www.liebherr.com/Data/HG/Apps/en-GB/index.html