Easy networking solutions

The SmartDevice technology is updated regularly and receives new functions from the Microsoft cloud services. This allows digital offers and services to be implemented quickly and dynamically.

Smart home integration “Works with IFTTT”

Standards in data processing make SmartDevice compatible with current products from other manufacturers. Fridges can be controlled, for example, via the “if this then that” (IFTTT) automation service. IFTTT is a service provider that allows users to link different web applications (Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox etc.) or smart home products by means of simple conditional instructions. For example, IFTTT can be used to set a light bulb on the network to flash if the fridge door is left open. Alternatively, the SuperCool or SuperFrost function of your Liebherr appliance can be activated via IFTTT. This will then be automatically started as soon as you are in the supermarket. These are just a few examples of the numerous things that you will be able to control via IFTTT in the future. We will provide you with some predefined applets from the outset. You can then configure these according to your preferences in the future.

You can download the IFTTT app free of charge from the If This Then That website: https://ifttt.com/

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Smart home integration “Just ask Alexa”

Do you already use Alexa from Amazon to control your home and play your favourite music? Do you receive information about the weather or the latest sports results? Is being able to control your fridge or freezer, for the perfect integration of your kitchen, the only thing missing? No problem, because in conjunction with the SmartDeviceBox, you can control your appliance conveniently by voice. Just tell Alexa what temperature to set on the unit and Alexa will do it for you. Alexa will also inform you immediately about any alarm messages or remind you of the next filter change.

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