Data Protection Conditions of MyLiebherr and the Liebherr SmartDevice App

I. General

1. MyLiebherr gives you inter alia a "single sign-on" service. Single sign-on (herein referred to by the abbreviation "SSO" or "SSO service") signifies in the case of the SSO service of Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH, Memminger Strasse 77-79, 88416 Ochsenhausen/Germany (hereinafter called "Liebherr"), that after a single registration and authentication by Liebherr for all the areas and content of the Liebherr offers connected to the SSO service (participating companies in the Liebherr Group and their authorized dealers or other third parties) that are access restricted, every user can log in with their uniform access data without having to go through a separate registration process again.

Moreover, on MyLiebherr you can enjoy the advantages of central registration of equipment, which allows the user e.g. at any time to look up the guarantee period of a registered appliance, and to use other services that are conditional on appliance registration, without further details.

Furthermore, MyLiebherr gives the user the possibility, even without registering for the SSO service, of using a platform to purchase Liebherr products from third parties (in brief called "Marketplace"). The marketplace is the central platform for all authorized Liebherr household appliance shops, and enables the user who has registered for the SSO service to order goods and services in the shops concerned without entering his or her personal data again.

MyLiebherr is the central identification, registration, log in and shop platform for all Liebherr offers, and allows those user's data that have been stored in the SSO service (such as the user's name, address and the appliances that have been registered by the user) to be automatically transmitted to the suppliers of the various Liebherr offers.

"MyLiebherr" consequently contains the single sign-on service, which offers you central registration and login, the functions of appliance registration, allowing you to register your appliance, and the Liebherr marketplace, where you can purchase from third party suppliers accessories and consumables and so on for your appliance. In the future, Liebherr intends to put up further offers for you in MyLiebherr. As soon as a further offer is integrated in MyLiebherr we will of course send you details by email.

2. The Liebherr SmartDevice App (in brief the "LiebherrApp") allows the user, after prior registration for the SSO service, to use various functions in connection with his or her refrigerator and freezer (in brief the "appliance") via his or her mobile terminal.

3. All this, of course, means that we have to collect and process certain personal data about our users. We place great value on data protection and data security, and as a matter of course we observe all the applicable regulations of data protection law. This being said, here below we explain in detail for what purposes and to what extent personal data are collected, processed and used when MyLiebherr and the LiebherrApp are used.

II. Collection and storage of personal data

We collect and store personal data when you register yourself via the central registration form for the SSO service on MyLiebherr under, or an app linked to the SSO for mobile end terminals with the same function, when you subsequently add further data to your user account, use the marketplace or the LiebherrApp (inventory data, content data, cf. I.1.1 to I.1.5). In addition, to a certain extent we collect and store data that come up with the use of the SSO service, the marketplace and the LiebherrApp (usage data, cf. I.2).

1. Inventory and content data

1.1 Collection of inventory and content data during registration

1.1.1 When you register for the SSO service we will collect and store a whole lot of personal data about you. You must enter the following data (fields marked with a star are required fields):

Access password*, form of address, last name, first name, email address*, street, postal code, town, country, telephone number, mobile phone number, date of birth, user language.

1.1.2 When you register an appliance in your user account, we collect and store the following data additionally to and together with the data already collected for you:

type of appliance*, appliance nickname, date of purchase, serial number* and address of the location of the appliance.

1.1.3 When you connect in your user account a SmartDeviceBox (in brief called "SDB") with a previously registered appliance via the LiebherrApp, we collect and store the following data additionally to and together with the data already collected for you:

Serial number SDB* and SDB date of purchase

1.1.4 Subject to your consent, Liebherr will process the status of the temperature setting (temperature, Supercool and SuperFrost) so that you can control and manage your appliance via the LiebherrApp. Subject to your consent, Liebherr will process the appliance values from the temperature, rotational speed, voltage and door contact sensors to facilitate alarm signals (door alarm, critical temperature, power failure) and notifications (air filter to be cleaned/replaced). Subject to your consent, Liebherr will furthermore collect and process the settings you have entered in the LiebherrApp (temperature, SuperCool, Superfrost, alarm signals and notifications) for the above mentioned purposes to improve the functional reliability of the LiebherrApp and the SDB. Moreover, subject to your consent, if a malfunction arises error messages from the LiebherrApp will be transmitted to Liebherr and processed for the purpose of improving the functional reliability of the LiebherrApp. Subject to your consent, insofar as you have stored your name and details of your address in your user account, the personal data stored on the basis of your aforementioned consent (except your personal password) will be transmitted with a service request via MyLiebherr to the Liebherr after-sales partner concerned and processed for the purpose of preliminary diagnosis and consequent improvement of the after-sales action.

1.2 Verification of your capacity as customer

To prevent any misunderstanding and misuse we will not enable your user account until you have confirmed your registration. To this end, we will send you an email to the email address you gave during the registration process. By simply clicking on the link contained in this email, you can confirm your registration. You can then use to the full the Liebherr offers available on MyLiebherr.

1.3 Any additional inventory and content data arising in the course of using the user account, if applicable

If you use offers on MyLiebherr or the LiebherrApp after your registration, further inventory and content data may arise additionally to the data mentioned in 1.1 and 1.2.

Subject to your express consent, further information about offers on MyLiebherr or the LiebherrApp, such as the products you purchased, your first name and last name and your address, will be transmitted to Liebherr and processed for the purpose of advertising, suggested products and recommended purchases.

Information about the kind of data that can be added to your user account when you use offers on MyLiebherr or the LiebherrApp can be found in the relevant data protection declarations regarding the offers concerned.

1.4 Metadata

A large number of metadata will be allocated to the existing data record comprising your inventory and content data. This concerns in particular the following data:

• password assigned to you

• date of creation of the data record

• creator of the data record

• a user ID that has been assigned to you

• the customer number assigned to you

• a so-called identkey which allows you to cancel booked newsletters without logging in

• the date of your latest login via the SSO service, and the date of the latest amendment to the data record

• a note that transmission of the data pursuant to 1.1 and 1.3 was approved

1.5 Storage of inventory and content data

Storage of the data referred to in 1.1 to 1.4 in your user account is effected solely for MyLiebherr and the LiebherrApp at Liebherr, unless you have agreed to another use, or transmission to a third party is required to make available or realize the offer concerned on MyLiebherr or the LiebherrApp.

2. Usage data

When MyLiebherr and the LiebherrApp are being used, so-called usage data arise. Moreover, when you log in to the SSO service an identification mark will be allocated to you for (at least) the (active) session, which will allow you to use the other offers on MyLiebherr with any additional login procedure.

2.1 Logfiles

When a user visits the registration portal on MyLiebherr or in the LiebherrApp our web server stores certain data in so-called logfiles. A logfile can give information in particular about the internet browser and operating system used by the user, domain name of the website from which the user arrived at the registration page, the beginning and end of the use of the SSO service, and the amount of data transmitted by the SSO service. In this connection, we must as a precaution point out that our logfiles do not contain any IP addresses. Therefore, our logfiles are completely anonymous.

2.2 Cookies

2.2.1 Session Cookies

Various authentication cookies are used on MyLiebherr and in the LiebherrApp. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the memory of your internet browser. The authentication cookies allow your internet browser to be recognized, even beyond the boundaries of participating Liebherr offers. Thus, they act as an identification marker that saves you further login procedures on participating websites.

Whilst the "standard authentication cookie" is erased when you log out of the SSO service, it is also possible to set an authentication cookie that remains in effect for longer (30 days) and works outside the session boundaries. However, this only happens if you actively select the "remain logged in" option. Nevertheless, if you use a public computer or a computer that is used by several users you should in no case select this option.

Should you wish to prevent the use of cookies, you have the possibility in your browser of preventing the acceptance and storage of new cookies. How this works in your browser may be explained for instance in the scope of your browser's Help function. If cookies are automatically rejected by the settings that are selected in your browser, however, you will no longer be able to use the functions of the SSO service. If you automatically erase the stored cookies at the end of each session then the "remain logged in" function will not be available.

2.2.2 Web analysis by the WiredMinds program

In order to improve the Liebherr web sites, and for statistical purposes, non personal data are captured by Liebherr even if the websites are merely accessed (so-called "tracking"). Examples of data captured are the time of the visit, the websites visited, the duration of the visit, regional origin and the website from which the Liebherr websites are accessed. To perform tracking, Liebherr uses web analysis software supplied by the WiredMinds firm, that is certified data protection conform and records the non personal data solely in anonymized form. Identification of the visitors to Liebherr websites by these data is completely out of the question.

You can prevent tracking by clicking on the following link (so-called "opt out"), which installs a cookie on the computer you have just been using.

Click here, to prevent the capture of non personal data.

III. Processing and use of your personal data

Your personal data will be processed in particular to open a user account in your name, to enable an appliance to be registered, to enable you to use the LiebherrApp and the Liebherr offers and to use these without entering any further personal data.

The processing of the personal data captured from you will be effected only to the extent to which this is required for the purposes stated in these data protection conditions, and always in the scope allowed under the law. Furthermore, the processing of your personal data will be effected only to the extent of any consent submitted by you.

Should the processing of the personal data in identifiable form not be necessary for the foreseen purposes, and no consent have been received from you, Liebherr is obliged to erase every personal reference in the data in order to ensure anonymity of your person.

1. Inventory and content data

Moreover we will use your email address to let you have your confirmation of registration (double opt in) and to be able to contact you subsequently in matters which concern your SSO user account or the LiebherrApp.

2. Usage data

We collect and store the logfiles and usage data on the one hand for reasons of security, in order to be able to discover, understand and stop any cases of misuse of our service. By means of the data, we can moreover gain insights into how our MyLiebherr and the LiebherrApp are being used. We need such insights in order to be able to give you a more secure and user-friendly internet service. On the other hand, they help us achieve editorial and technical improvements to MyLiebherr and the LiebherrApp overall.

We also employ usage data to be able to present to logged-in users information that has been "personalized", i.e. rendered to the purpose in the light of the information available to us. No further use beyond the foregoing is effected.

IV. Transmission of usage and inventory data to third parties

In principle, we will only transmit the usage and inventory data to third parties if this is necessary to enable you to use the functions of the SSO service and the offers on MyLiebherr and the LiebherrApp.

Additionally, we forward usage and inventory data to third parties,

• if and insofar as it is necessary to implement the contractual relationships existing with you or to enforce claims to which we are entitled,

• if you have consented to the transmission,

• if we are legally obliged or are ordered by a court to do so, or

• if the matter concerns inquiries from the authorities, in particular prosecuting and supervisory authorities, if and to the extent that this is required to avert risks to public safety and order, and to prosecute offences.

V. Links to other websites

Our website can contain links to the websites of other suppliers that are not connected with us. If a link has been clicked we have no more influence on the processing of any personal data that has been forwarded to third parties by clicking the link (as for instance the IP address or URL on which the link is located), as the behaviour of third parties is by the nature of things beyond our control. We can therefore assume no responsibility for the processing of such personal data by third parties.

VI. Information, correction, erasure, blocking

You may at any time request information about the personal data stored about you by Liebherr. Please send your request in writing or in text form addressed to the After-Sales Service:

Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH

Memminger Strasse 77-79

88416 Ochsenhausen/Germany

Tel: +49 7352 928-0

Fax: +49 7352 928-408


Moreover, in addition you have the option at any time of having your personal data corrected, blocked or erased, if the legal preconditions are met in each case. In the case of errors, when you notify us we will correct the data stored with us without delay. For the correction, you can write to the above stated address and email address.

Personal data will be erased if the capture or processing was inadmissible from the start, the processing or use turns out to be inadmissible as a result of circumstances that arose subsequently, or knowledge of the data is no longer necessary for us to fulfil the purpose of the processing or use. Only data that we require to handle outstanding jobs or to enforce our rights and claims are excluded from erasure, as well as data which we are obliged by the law to retain. Such data will however be blocked.

VII. Security

We employ technical and organizational security measures to ensure that the personal data of our users are protected against loss, incorrect amendments or unauthorized access by third parties. In any case, for our part, moreover, only authorized persons have access to your personal data, and this applies only insofar as it is necessary in the scope of the above stated purposes. Transmission of the data collected in the course of registration is effected in encrypted form in the same way as subsequent communication between the SSO server and the servers of the Liebherr offers.

Questions about data protection?

Should you have any questions about our data protection conditions, please contact us via our email address:

As at August 2017