Outlook: Upcoming Liebherr SmartDevice services

In future, your shopping list will virtually write itself because with the fridge camera (FridgeCam™) and the MIA VoiceControl system you will always have an overview of all the food already in storage. This allows you to easily compare your shopping list with what you already have in stock and thereby avoid buying the same item twice. You can also access your shopping list en route with the SmartDevice app available for iOS and Android. This allows you to start planning your meals on the way to the supermarket. Linking to FreshMAG and, in future, to other recipe providers, food delivery and cooking box services will make your food management complete. Cooking has never been easier and more varied. You can look forward to a new digital world in which food management is quick and easy, and long planning and organisation are a thing of the past:

Networking and cloud connections will enable real time contact with recipe providers, cooking box and food delivery services from an exclusive group of Liebherr partners. In future, all the missing ingredients of a recipe can then be ordered online via the shopping list of the SmartDevice app. Accordingly, the fresh food will then come directly to you at home. This saves you the trip to the supermarket. Simply try it out for what you might like to cook today and let yourself be inspired by the variety of SmartDevice services.

In future, the existing functions can be used via IFTTT: The SmartDevice services are regularly updated and receive new functions via the Microsoft cloud services. This allows digital offers and services to be implemented quickly and dynamically. Standards in data processing make the SmartDevice services compatible with current products from other manufacturers. This allows you to control your fridge, for example, via the “if this then that” (IFTTT) automation service.

If you are already using Alexa from Amazon at home, then you can control your appliance simply and easily via the Alexa voice function. Alexa will also inform you immediately about any alarm messages or remind you of the next filter change.

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