News on freshness in the magazine FreshMAG

As experts on refrigeration and freezing, we offer our customers exclusive appliances for the optimum storage of their food. Furthermore, we do not regard ourselves as merely a manufacturer of excellent fridges and freezers but as a service provider as well because we want to offer our customers more – more and better service. This is why we launched the Liebherr FreshMAG online magazine for you. FreshMAG answers questions on the perfect storage method as well as about the shelf life of food: Readers can find out, for example, about the dos and don'ts for the proper freezing or storage of food – and a lot more. Service subjects about fridges, freezers or wine cabinets also constitute an integral part of this. Stay up-to-date with the FreshMag newsletter which informs you at regular intervals about the latest innovations from Liebherr Domestic Appliances.

More than just recipes – with us you get storage tips as well

Based on the items it has in storage, the “intelligent fridge” suggests possible recipes or you simply select one – depending on what you feel like. This is where FreshMAG comes into its own, because our online magazine will have more than 1,000 recipes and preparation ideas for you. The required ingredients are compared with the items you already have in stock via the SmartDevice app. This is then used to create a shopping list. The SmartDevice app also provides suitable preparation tips for the selected recipe by a professional chef in several steps. This guarantees that every dish is a success. Our sommelier will even recommend a suitable wine for the meal. In the future, new recipes will be added continuously via our partners such as EAT SMARTER or that you can then access in the SmartDevice app, when checking what ingredients you already have in stock.

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FreshMAG newsletter

FreshMAG already has numerous recipes by international chefs and helpful tips on storage as well as valuable information on the nutritional value and shelf life of food. The ingredients of the recipes are linked to the “A – Z of food”, an online archive from Liebherr for the storage of food. Under A for apple, for example, one can find out why this fruit makes other fruit ripen faster and how apples should accordingly be stored best. The correct storage of your food has a lasting influence on its freshness and shelf life. For example, if you store carrots in the BioFresh compartment, they stay fresh for up to 30 days longer.

However, even FreshMAG is being continuously developed. In future, we will not only provide you with a large selection of recipes in our magazine but will also expand our food-search filter for you. Do you have an intolerance towards certain foods or have you specialised in vegetarian cuisine? Then FreshMAG is exactly the right partner for you in respect of food management. The new filter function will allow you, for example, only to view recipes that do not contain lactose and even receive interesting information on the storage or shelf life of the relevant food required. Liebherr is more than just refrigeration and freezing – become an expert on freshness with FreshMAG.