The smart app for when you are out and about: Become an expert on freshness with the BioFresh app

An app that provides you with interesting information on food and then even gives you tips on the ideal storage – this is the BioFresh app from Liebherr. But that is not all. The app not only provides you with useful information about food, vitamins and shelf life as well as practical storage tips but also informs you as to which fruit and vegetables are in season.

Clearly sorted from A to Z or by category – including a practical search function. How many days do carrots keep in the fridge? What are the vitamins in an apple? Where is the best place to keep fish? Can one really keep grapes for more than two weeks longer in the BioFresh compartment? These and many other questions are answered by the new BioFresh app from Liebherr. Regardless of whether you are in own kitchen or at the supermarket. Access detailed information on vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and dairy products at any time.

The BioFresh app is available for all current systems, such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Become an expert on the freshness and storage of food. Download the app for free now: