Food management made easy – with the SmartDevice solutions from Liebherr

SmartDevice is an innovation by Liebherr. A technology that allows the fridge to “pay attention” and make your everyday life perceptibly easier. Benefit from Liebherr’s SmartDevice solutions and complete your shopping and the planning of meals in next to no time in the future.

Your shopping list already almost writes itself. How about another really good vegetable dish? Thanks to the fridge camera (FridgeCam™) and the VoiceControl system MIA, you always have an overview of your entire stock of food. This allows you to easily compare your shopping list with what you already have in stock and thereby avoid buying the same item twice. You can also access your shopping list en route with the SmartDevice app available for iOS and Android. This allows you to start planning your meals on the way to the supermarket. Linking to FreshMAG and, in future, to other recipe providers, food delivery services as well as cooking boxes will make your food management complete. Cooking has never been easier. What advantages does the smart world of Liebherr offer you?
  • The modular technology allows you to connect the SmartDeviceBox to any SmartDevice-enabled appliance at any time and always get the latest updates. Accordingly, you are always up-to-date technically and benefit from the innovative SmartDevice services.
  • Enjoy more convenience in planning recipes and when shopping with the SmartDevice app and the fridge cameras (FridgeCam™).
  • Avoid buying items that you already have and prevent wasting food.
  • Receive valuable information about food as well as appropriate tips on the storage thereof.
  • Get great ideas for recipes and suggestions for meals based on your individual preferences.
  • Receive tips and tricks from professional chefs in our lifestyle magazine FreshMAG.
Immerse yourself in the digital world of Liebherr Domestic Appliances. In a world of SmartShopping and SmartCooking. A world that makes your everyday life easier and you enjoy experimenting with new recipes.

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Everything in the palm of your hand – with the SmartDevice app

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Our partners – for even more convenience

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